Aliminum Foil Pouches

Aliminum Foil Pouches

Aluminum Foil Vacuum Pouch
Vacuum Pouches have a high barrier properties and can withstand atmospheric pressure these pouches are used in Vacuum packing, These pouches are available in various sizes as per customer’s requirement. Vacuum pouches are uniquely used For vacuum packing any desired product and can be used in Food industry Marine and other industries.

Features and Benefits
-->  Vacuum Packing Helps Increase Shelf Life
-->  Nitrogen Flushing keeps the product fresh without preservatives
-->  Vacuum Pouches have high gas and moisture barrier properties
-->  Excellent aroma retention power

FOOD PRODUCTS - cheese ,Paneer,Other dairy Products, Meat, Fish , Marine, Frozen foods & vegetable , Sun Dried fruits & Vegatables ,Dry Fruits, nuts (cashew, walnut, peanuts, almond, dates) Tea , coffee, Grains, flour, spices, pulses etc

INDUSTRIAL /CONSUMER PRODUCTS -Currency, Metal components, Welding rods, Animal food, Medical devices, pharmaceutical, Electronic components.

Packing Options

  • Vacuum pouches
  • Barrier pouches
  • Three & two side seal pouch
  • Gusseted bags

Printing –Roto-gravure



Size:216 X 70
Neck Finsish:Aliminum

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