About Us

Saurabh PlastVac is in to manufacturing of Multilayer Laminated Vacuum pouches since last Many Years with an aim of manufacturing high quality Multilayer Pouches. The Company is having a strong hold in Vacuum Pouches and its various Structure. Saurabh PlastVac started with manufacturing capacity of 1 ton per month at that time. The company has since climbed up the growth ladder and today prides in its leadership position in the manufacturing of high quality Vacuum Pouches. Today the companies manufacturing capacity is up to 100 tons per month.

Saurabh PlastVac has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit where latest machinery and technology is used to deliver the high level of efficiency, facilitating the maintenance of excellent work culture. Through innovation and dedication to Total Quality & Consumer Satisfaction, as well as our commitment to research and development, Saurabh PlastVac have been able to establish a prominent presence in these products and have succeeded in meeting the requirements of a wide range of customers all across the globe.

Saurabh PlastVac stands for its commitment of introducing elements of innovative and enhanced quality services from time to time for the benefit of customers. The company has put up well-intended infrastructure in place backed up by good manufacturing processes.

Presently Saurabh PlastVac has made its presence not only in India but globally as well. As we reorganize the market demands and the mind sets of clients who have a preference to choose manufacturers, suppliers and traders, who in return are stable in their promises when it comes to quality, cost, delivery, and service as these are our pillars to stay in the market. Moreover we have created an environment to foster the growth of our employees, which helps them in building an attitude of perfectionism not for the benefits of company but for clients as well.